Thermal Imaging

Paone Electric, LLC provides high quality infrared scanning and comprehensive reporting by certified thermographers. Infrared scanning is a nondestructive, noncontact and cost effective way to discover catastrophic failures before they happen. Thermography is a key diagnostic tool to discover loose or corroded connections, inefficient cooling of transformers, and overloaded or severely unbalanced circuits.

  • Sample Infrared Thermal Imaging Report
  • Infrared Scanning of Electrical Equipment
  • Level 1 Certified Thermography
  • Comprehensive Reporting that meets Today‚Äôs Insurance Requirements
  • Detect Potential Catastrophic Failures before they happen
  • Locate Loose or Corroded Connections
  • Locate Overloaded or Severely Unbalanced Circuits
  • Detect Overloaded or Unbalance Motors
  • Detect Faulty Circuit Breakers
  • Locate Worn Bearings
  • Schedule Repair at your Convenience Instead of During Breakdowns

Thermal imaging inspection and reporting