Service Overview

Control Panel Design and Fabrication
Paone Electric, LLC is a UL508A certified panel shop that provides high quality control panel design and fabrication. We offer a wide range of device manufacturers to meet your equipment specification. PLC or relay logic based control can be implemented to suite your project needs. Our shop has the capability to receive and fabricate any size panel you might require.

Industrial Electric
Our industrial services include new installations, expansions and maintenance of existing power and control systems. We provide standard and emergency service for troubleshooting and repair of PLC or relay logic based control for machinery and equipment.

We provide an array of calibration services and reports. We offer calibration programs at intervals that meet your needs. Our staff is available to design and implement systems that will collect and record data corresponding to your requirements. We also design, install and integrate into existing systems and are committed to increasing information reliability.

System Integration
Paone Electric, LLC automates manufacturing processes and integrates industrial equipment to help our customers reduce cost, and increase production. We provide SCADA and data collection systems to help our customers determine specific system criteria. Our OEM control panels are custom designed and fabricated in-house.

Thermal Imaging
Paone Electric, LLC provides high quality infrared scanning and comprehensive reporting by certified thermographers. Infrared scanning is a nondestructive, noncontact and cost effective way to discover catastrophic failures before they happen. Thermography is a key diagnostic tool to discover loose or corroded connections, inefficient cooling of transformers, and overloaded or severely unbalanced circuits.

Water / Wastewater
We provide high quality solutions and repairs to keep your facilities operational. We understand the importance of keeping these systems functional and offer a wide range of support. Our staff can maintain and repair existing power and control or suggest and install updated systems. We provide quality instrument calibration and certification for a variety of manufacturers.